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When Jesus died on the cross and rose again, everything changed. Because of God's miraculous plan, what might have been a story of death and defeat became one of victory and hope - for Christ and all who believe in Him.

When Hannah came to Victory Mission, she was dead to the joy and peace of a God-filled life duehannah to domestic abuse and homelessness. But as she'll tell you today, sometimes you have to experience the darkness of death - the very lowest point of your life - before you can see the light of Christ.

At age 21 and pregnant with her second child, Hannah and her baby girl found themselves on the streets in Springfield after she fled an abusive relationship and her living arrangements with family members fell through. For five months, they lived in a cardboard box behind restaurants on Commercial Street. She dug food from the restaurants' trash bins, mashing whatever she could find to feed her daughter. She tried her best to stay out of sight for fear her daughter would be taken away from her. She'd lost all hope her life would ever be better.

But one day, a compassionate passerby did notice Hannah and her daughter, and directed them to the Mission. "As soon as I walked through the doors, they loved me," Hannah says. "They gave me food, clothes, diapers and formula. They helped me find the right resources so I could get an apartment." At the Mission, she also learned more about the Word of God, which has continued to guide her steps over the years.

Like Hannah, the people who come to the Mission for help are facing death in the their own way: They're homeless and hungry. They're battling addictions. They've lost their families. They've been in prison or are prisoners of their own destructive habits.

Yet, because of the Easter story, there's forgiveness, hope and life for all of them ... for all of us.

As part of your Easter celebration, will you open your heart to change a story from broken to whole ... from darkness to light ... from death to life? Please make a gift today to bless  individuals or families with a glorious new beginning!

Today, 41-year-old Hannah continues her relationship with the Mission as a volunteer and ministers to those who are suffering on the streets as she once was. "My story was completely changed when I came to the Mission."

CLICK HERE to donate online

- Mail your donation to Springfield Victory Mission - P.O. Box 2884, Springfield, MO 65801
- Call 417.864.2212 to donate by phone
- Text "Give" and the amount of your donation (e.g. Give 50) to 417.737.7923
- Bring your donation to our Ministry Center (2nd Floor) - 1715 N. Boonville, Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm 



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17th Annual Feinstein Challenge to Fight Hunger
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Operation Hope Tote
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Senior Luncheon
A special lunch for seniors ages 60 and above. Call 417.831.6387 to RSVP.
Ministry Center - Chapel, 1715 N. Boonville, 11:15am
Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon: "You're an Essential Piece"
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Good Friday Celebration Service & Dinner
A special worship service followed by a hearty dinner for the homeless, hungry and poor. Hosted by a volunteer group from Second Baptist Church.
Cook's Kettle, 200 W. Commercial, 5pm
Easter Sunday Celebration Service & Dinner
A special worship service followed by a hearty dinner for the homeless, hungry and poor. Hosted by a volunteer group from SOMA Home Church.
Cook's Kettle, 200 W. Commercial, 5pm
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